The Kelghan Soap Company has evolved into a successful business for two entrepreneurial juniors from Tolland High School.   Tasked with researching any topic of their choice for a 7th grade school project back in 2014, Kelsey Leach and Meghan Myles stumbled upon soap making and were hooked.  They first started selling their handmade soaps,  made with natural, eco-friendly ingredients in milk carton molds,  to friends, classmates and teachers before school with great response.

Since 2014,  they have continuously improved their product and grown their business.  Naming their company the Kelghan Soap Company (the combination of their names Kelsey and Meghan), they registered for a sales tax licence, launched a web store, and also began to sell their expanding line of product at local conventions, salons and shops.

In addition to soap, the company now sells “a product for everyone” including lip balms, room sprays, bath bombs, lip scrubs and sugar scrubs with a focus on using natural oils, fragrances and ingredients free from phtalates and harmful chemicals.  They even produce some vegan products as well.

Learning great money management and a business skills throughout the process so far, Kelsey and Meghan plan to continue to grow their company during their senior year in high school and into college.